These pages summarize my unfortunate experience with Al Sebastian and his FishFry business.

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These pages summarize my unfortunate experience as an investor/partner with Al Sebastian in his Canadian Classic Food Products (CCFP) business. Canadian Classic Food Products is a Thunder Bay based business whose primary product is a fish coating and beer batter mix called Canadian Classic FishFry along with a companion line of spices known as Canadian Classic Fish and Game Spice. I've been told these products are much better than the typical breading type of products that are available.

Al Sebastian appears to be an unethical, very experienced con man who is used to getting his own way and has no regard for the law.

It's Show Time.   (Updated: May 5/14)

Someone asked if there were any large photos of Al Sebastian on the website to make identification easier (Al spotting is a new sport) and I said "yes" all you have to do is click on any of the small photos and a larger one will pop-up. It turns out that wasn't the case. Somehow the larger photos option had been overlooked when those sections were being worked on.

Al Sebastian showing off his fishfry partner bait. Al Sebastian trolling for another victim. Al Sebastian looking to catch another victim. To make things easier for everyone the "Al Gallery" page has been created which contains a few hi-res photos of Al Sebastian taken at a couple of locations in Northern Ontario.

What else can you do with these photos?
If you're one of his previous "partners" or possibly his current business buddy you could use them to line the bottom of a bird cage or tack them onto a dart board (although I can't guarantee it'll improve your game).

Here's a video of Al Sebastian taken at Packwash Lake Resort in Northern Ontario during the summer of 2010. It's short but it shows him hard at work (the video may take a few seconds or so to download).

Have you seen these products in your travels?   (Updated: July 8/14)

June 7/14: I was asked if I had photos of what this stuff looks like. Here are a few photos of Al Sebastian's Canadian Classic product family. Clicking on these images will show a larger version which can be downloaded and printed. Would you let me know if you spot these products while you're out & about and I'll pass the info along to the proper authorities?

Al Sebastian canadian classic fish fry family of products.    Al Sebastian canadian classic fish and game spice family.

July 8/14: How could I have forgotten about the exclusive Fishfry Private Label Program?
Under the program Al would "Private Label" selected Canadian Classic Fishfry products with that resorts name and logo. As far as I know the following customers decided to participate in the Private Label program:
  •  Indian Lake Lodge, near Red Lake (Indian Lake Classic Fishfry). They were going to give a package of privately labeled fishfry to each customer as a thank you gift.
  •  Red Lake Marine in Red Lake. I think they called their private label fishfry "Donnie's Classic FishFry" in honour of a long time employee.
  •  Tony's Bait and Tackle in Dryden (Tony's Classic FishFry).
There may have been more particpants in the Private Label Program, but these are the first ones that came mind.

This story has
expanded over
time and needed
some shortcuts.


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