These pages summarize my unfortunate experience with Al Sebastian and his FishFry business.

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Summer/Fall 2013 - The tables are turning...   (Updated: Nov 8/13)

Aug 3/13: This is such good news I felt it needed to start on a fresh page. Happy Dance
   A few months ago I decided to turn the 'Al file' over to some professionals. I called them yesterday to see how things were going and..... they managed to serve Al with the court documents a few days ago!! YAHOO!!! That was a total surprise as I had been keeping an eye on Al's place and hadn't seen his vehicle for a while (maybe he was hiding it).

   The planets must've been aligned, apparently the landlord and fire marshall were at Al's apartment building doing an inspection. The court guy asked them if Al was around and they "yes, he's over there", so the court guy approached Al with the papers and Al denied being Al (as he has done before, see bottom of pg.3). The court guy said that the landlord had identified him as Al plus he had photos of Al that I'd given the credit bureau. At that point Al admitted to being Al and accepted the paperwork (that would have made a great YouTube video. No, no, no, well ok). I wonder if Al denying he's Al will come up during the court session? That would show his true nature to the judge.

   The Court date for his debtor exam is Aug 30. If Al skips it, then more paperwork is issued. If Al ignores the additional paperwork a warrant goes out for his arrest and he's off to jail. COOL!!!

Aug 16/13: There was sudden flurry of activity from a local IP address [Shaw:] yesterday. Whoever it was spent over an hour looking at these pages. Could it have been Al looking for any last minute clues? After all, his court is only 2 weeks away. As mentioned on page 1 I suspect this IP address belongs to "my pal Al".

Sep 5/13: A lot of people have been looking at this page during the past few days. I guess they're wondering what happened. Well... Al's big day in court came and went last Friday. Can you guess which of the following possibilities actually occurred?
   Option 1. Al showed up with a bag of cash and came clean about everything.
   Option 2. Al showed up and took responsibility for his actions.
   Option 3. Al skipped his court date and was nowhere to be seen.
[drum roll] If you picked Option 3 you're a winner!

   So now Al has been charged with contempt, the court date for his contempt hearing is Oct 11/13 and as I understand it a warrant is also being issued. Apparently his evasive behaviour with the process server (No, no, no, well ok - see above) was discussed and the court apparently wasn't too pleased to hear about his tactics.

Oct 20/13: Talk about deja vu. Al skipped his Oct 11th court date as I thought he would. Instead of repeating myself, just have a look at the Sept 5/13 comments. Maybe he thinks this mess will go away if he continues to ignore it.
   Al's favourite TV shows were either fishing or high stakes poker. Maybe he thinks this is some sort of 'catch & release' or that he's in a poker game and hoping I'm bluffing. Al must realize the stakes increase every time he skips a court date and at the moment he's facing jail time when he gets picked up.

Nov 8/13: As Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) used to say... surprise, surprise, surprise. It turns out Al has been working as a butchers helper at a local grocery store. Maybe I should say "had" been working there, it appears he was terminated when the garnishee notice arrived at his former place of employment. It seems odd (to me) that a person could be fired because of a garnishment notice, maybe they were looking for an excuse to let him go.
   When I heard he'd been "terminated", being fired wasn't the first thing that came to mind considering he had been working in a butcher shop.  ;-)

Nov 14/13: Minor correction to Nov 8/13. It turns out Al was terminated a few days before the garnishee arrived at the grocery store. Who knows, maybe they were getting tired of his attitude or whatever BS he was pedaling this time. Al's version of the story probably goes something like... I know everything about this business, they know nothing.

Spring 2014   (Updated: Mar 30/14)

   I thought I should post something just to let people know that I haven't abandoned the "Al Sebastian should be in jail" project. All the legal paperwork is in place, the traps have been set and all I have to do is wait for Al to stumble into one of them. As a bonus my sources are still reporting on Al's activities. An unexpected upside to having all the groundwork firmly in place is that it has freed me up to focus on a couple of other more interesting and profitable projects.

The World Should Be A Safer Place (for now).   (Updated: May 22/14)

May 8/14: Good news everyone (except for Al). I've heard Al was picked up by Thunder Bay Police last Monday (May 5th). He'll probably be a "guest" at the police station for only a night or two (catch and release). I wonder if they'll risk letting him out on his own recognizance, after all he does have a habit of skipping court dates. If bail was set, I wonder how much someone paid to get him out?

May 12/14: I've just been told that Al's court date is May 16th, it seems like the wheels of justice are starting to turn a bit quicker. I naturally asked the clerk what happens if Al skips this court date as seems to be his way and I was told that if he does skip it then he'll be picked up. The clerk also mentioned that the Judge had a "talk" with Al to reinforce how serious this matter is and they seem to think it sunk in. Personally I doubt anything sunk in, but we'll know one way or the other on Friday.

   I found something interesting today. Did you know the Ontario Daily Court Lists are available online? Yup, as of mid-April they're available at Talk about perfect timing, the Daily Court Lists site went live shortly before I needed it. Just like the limit on Small Claims Court was increased prior to my involvement with Al and his fishfry biz.

May 15/14: The Ontario Court dates website hasn't been updated to reflect the recent courthouse changes in Thunder Bay. We now only have 1 courthouse (on Brodie St), but you need to select "All" courthouses to see the complete schedule. One other thing, Al's appearance will be held in a "closed session", so it may not appear on the Court Dates website. I guess we'll know soon enough since the online schedule for tomorrows sessions will be available after 4:30pm today.

   I guess they're working on their website. When you select "Small Claims" it will automatically list the old Camelot St courthouse. Maybe they think that's fine since everyone that should know does know that it really means the new place on Brodie St. Anyway, Al's case is listed as a 10:00am start. Wish I could be there but I have a day job that needs doing.

May 16/14: It looks like I lost my "big" bet (a coffee). Al did appear in court today. I'll have to wait a few days until all the paperwork is completed and filed to see what the outcome was. I can take a guess about the outcome right now though, it's probably good news for me and not so good for Al.

May 22/14: There's been an increase in traffic looking for Sunset Country Resort Services and finding these pages. Sunset Country Resort Services is another one of Al's business names. Maybe he's hoping to start conning new people with a new name. His Canadian Classic Fish & Game Spice logo... "Same Game, New Rules" is absolutely perfect for the way he conducts himself.

Al Sebastian makes a court appearance.   (Updated: May 23/14)

   It seems like Al's "pals" in Toronto [IP:] are very interested in what's been going. They've been visiting this site everyday for quite a while. Even someone from Cabela's head office in Nebraska was looking around a few days ago. I didn't realize how many people out there have a such keen interest in Al's well being. Another interested party appears to be based in the Windsor area. They're using a BlackBerry PlayBook and checking this website from various locations around Southern Ontario. I know at one point Al was trying to setup a distributor in the Windsor area.

   I know, you're all waiting to hear what happened to Al during his big day in court. It was a closed session which means I can't disclose too much. What I can say is that Al appeared unaccompanied by a legal representative, agreed that he owes me the money and also agreed to make an appearance at the local credit bureau office on May 20th to arrange debt repayment.

   Based on Al's history you can probably guess what happened on May 20th ...[drum roll]... nothing. He was a no-show again. What a loser, actually loser isn't the best description but it's the polite one. All Al Sebastian has accomplished with his hide 'n seek tricks is to dig himself an even bigger hole.

   Here's something I didn't know about the court process and it seems counter-productive. Al was under oath during the process, but he wasn't required to provide proof of any claims he made. I suppose being under oath would be intimidating enough that most people wouldn't consider lying. But, as we've seen Al is a "special" kind of guy and he has shown what he thinks of the legal system.

Christmas might start early this year.   (Updated: Oct 1/14)

   You'll never guess who I got a phone from call this afternoon. No it wasn't Al, it was from the Credit Bureau with some good news. They have a small cheque ready for me to pick up. I guess Al must be working somewhere, a garnishment notice was issued and payroll deductions are being made. I hope he stays there for a while because at this rate it'll take at least 5 years for him to pay off his debt.

It was fun while it lasted.   (Updated: Apr 12/15)

   According to a recent news release Al's current employer will be closing up shop on June 5/15. It looks like I'll have to start keeping a closer eye on my "pal" in a few months. A rough guess puts his repayments as of June 5th at about 20% of the overall amount.

Canadian Country Fish Fry. a spacer

Well.... look who's hiding behind a new name.   (Updated: Oct 14/15)

   The Canadian Classic FishFry product line is now known as Canadian Country FishFry. The change is so subtle that I almost missed it. Another change to the packaging is it's now in English and French. I wonder if he's planning to expand into Quebec? He's also got a new manufacturer/distributor as well, V&T Distributors are located in Woodbridge (Ontario). I wonder if V&T is his latest victim, oops I meant "partner"?

   I see he's still using the Bigger Bag * Better Value line although he's gone back to using those crappy copper coloured bags. The Canadian Country Fish & Game Spice is also available under the new name Canadian Country and he's still bragging about Same Game, New Rules for the spice products.

   There's no need to go looking for Canadian Country FishFry's website. I've registered the domain name and it'll bring you back here.

Spring 2016   He's still at it and...   (Updated: Mar 27/16)

   It's a quiet afternoon and I thought I'd have a look to see who's carrying the *new* Canadian Country FishFry product line. When I checked Cabela's last fall they were out of stock of everything except the Original flavour. As of today they've replenished their inventory and are fully stocked up on the entire Canadian Classic FishFry and Canadian Classic Fish & Game Spice Rub product lines. Although it seems like Cabela's haven't noticed the subtle name change and still have it listed as Canadian Classic FishFry.

   As mentioned earlier, Cabela's are aware of the current legal situation and yet they continue to buy his products thus indirectly supporting his "activities". I've talked to another company that sold his products, they said their customers loved the stuff and they sold a lot of it.

Where did Al's Classic Fish Fry website go?   (Updated: Apr 14/16)

   Someone contacted me earlier today and mentioned that Al's FishFry website was offline. According to a WHOIS search his existing domain name expired on Mar 18/16.

> Registry Domain ID: 1589289002_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
> Registrar WHOIS Server:
> Registrar URL:
> Updated Date: 2016-03-19T00:16:42.00Z
> Creation Date: 2010-03-18T18:16:31.00Z
> Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2016-03-18T18:16:31.00Z
> Registry Registrant ID:
> Registrant Name: AL SEBASTIAN
> Registrant Street: #3 - 1205 DONALD STREET EAST
> Registrant Street: 11345 HWY 17 W
> Registrant City: THUNDER BAY
> Registrant State/Province: ON
> Registrant Postal Code: P7E5W1
> Registrant Country: CA
> Registrant Phone: +1.8072524255
> Registrant Phone Ext:
> Registrant Fax:
> Registrant Fax Ext:
> Registrant Email: TJ.DUENORTH@GMAIL.COM

April 15/16: On second thought, he only needs 1 or 2 large customers to make his "fortune". So there's no need to waste his time and (my) money supporting a website and doing any promotional work himself.

April 16/16: In case you're a huge fan of Al's you can still visit an archived copy of his website. After all nothing ever really vanishes from the web.

Summer/Fall 2016   (Updated: Jan 7/17)

   Would you believe that someone with Al's background was working for a merchant financial services company?

   Late last summer I was tipped off by a business owner that Al was working for a company that sells/services debit machines. Apparently Al came into this business promoting his wares and the owner became suspicious of this "fishy" guy. The owner actually thought Al seemed fishy (what a great description) and after Al left he decided to do a Google search for Al Sebastian. His search led him here and he let me know about his close encounter with Al.

   Unfortunately (for me) it seems Al's employer decided to let Al go after they received a garnishment notice (again!). Another case of catch and release, he was caught and his employer released him.

Jan 26/17: CBC had an interesting news story today about shimmers. Imagine what someone working in the debit machine biz could do with this sort of technology.

Spring 2017   (Updated: Apr 12/17)

   It looks like Al's pals are trying to keep an eye on this site without being seen. They started trying to hide behind an anonymizer ( in mid-March. I guess they don't know about the nice "presents" sites like can leave on their computers. I wonder if they do their online banking from the same computer that they used to join anonymize? Anyway, I let them play for a while then blocked them from accessing this website.

Fall 2017   (Updated: Oct 18/17)

   I recently had a chat with the Credit Bureau and they were telling me that Al has been found (again). He's working for a local company, the garnishment paperwork was filed in August and I should start seeing some money in early December. Talk about great timing, I need to buy a set snow tires and the first cheque typically covers a 2 month period. I hope he manages to keep this job for a while, who knows what other stuff I might need.

   It's odd, the web traffic through this site has dropped slightly since August. I don't see how it could be connected to the recent garnishment filing but the coincidence is sort of interesting.

This story has
grown over
time and
needed some