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These pages summarize my unfortunate experience with Al Sebastian and his FishFry business.

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Canadian Country Fishfry is a recent name for canadian classic fishfry. Al would probably like to be known as the fisherman's friend or fish whisperer.

Who would have thought I'd still be chasing this asshole in 2018?

   I thought he would either have: a) come to senses and paid off his dept like he said he would when he was in court (about the same odds as a snowball in hell), or b) borrowed money from someone more determined than I am and might be missing a few fingers by now.
   I heard from a company out west that had been buying Al's fish batter product line by the pallet load until recently. It's too bad they didn't stumble upon this blog while they were still dealing with Al. I don't remember why they said they quit dealing with him, but it's probably easy to guess based on his past practices.

Spring/Summer 2018   (Updated: Jul 1/18)

Apr 8/18: Hopefully Al will continue with his current employer for a while. Payments have been arriving regularly from the Credit Bureau and he's now paid off about 1/3 of his debt.

Al Sebastian sales manager at kasper bus lines in thunder bay. June 8/18: It turns out Al Sebastian has been working at Kasper Transportation here in Thunder Bay since last Fall as their Sales Manager. They're offering a new service this year focussed on transporting fishing and hunting resort guests in the Sunset Country area (Fort Frances & Kenora). Judging by the phone number shown on their webpage it appears Al might be based in that area to support their new service.

   Talk about the perfect setup, assuming Al is planning to re-enter the fish batter business. He can stash his stuff on the Kasper vehicles and have it transported to the various resorts (probably at a discounted rate). And if he happens to be along for the ride, he can promote his fish batter products to the captive audience (oops, resort guests) during their trip.

June 13/18: Hmm.. the monthly cheque from the Credit Bureau is overdue. Would he leave his Sales Manager job to spend the summer slacking off and fishing (probably)? I've heard through the grapevine that he may be trying to relaunch his fish batter business. I hope whoever he approaches decides to Google his name before committing any resources to his next scam.
   Another hmm.. I wonder if he was promoting his products when he shouldn't have been, pissed somebody off and was fired? I know a lot of people think he's an irritating twerp. I'm being polite when I say twerp, most people use more colourful descriptions.

   I came across an old Project Funding request that Al had submitted back in Jan 2013. At that time he was looking for a single investor to contribute a minimum of $185,000. It's probably safe to assume that no one was dumb enough to get involved with this project.

Fall/Winter 2018   (Updated: Oct 1/18)

Oct 1/18: I wonder what was going on in Alberta last month? There was a lot of interest in this site from the Hylo, Lac La Biche and Slave Lake areas.

   Google alerts is a very handy service. It looks like Wally's Bait and Tackle in Windsor (Ontario) are carrying Canadian Classic Fishfry. The product photo on Wally's website looks very familiar, oh yeah it's the photo I took back in the "good old days".
Wally's is stocking canadian classic fishfry.
Here's a screenshot of Wally's Fishfry page in case the link quits working.

July 2021 - It looks like Al's been busy while I've been focused on another project.   (Updated: Jul 6/21)

   Can anyone guess what's so special about July 25th? It's been 10 years (Jul 25/11) since Small Claims Court issued the Judgment against Al in this case. I'd forgotten how long this has been going on.

Jul 6/21: Late last year Al's brother contacted me a few times bitching and complaining that "poor Al" had been unable to attend a family function because of me, that I should get a life and stop hounding poor Al who is unable to make a living. As an experiment I removed all the entries from every page on Jan 16/21 and replaced them with a single line on each page.

   Eric, let's try it your way for a while and see if anything shows up at the credit bureau.   

   As expected no money arrived. I decided to restore all the entries today (Jul 6) after finding out that Al started a flooring business last year. I wonder who he conned into financing his latest adventure TBay Modular Floors? I'm starting wonder how involved Al's siblings are with his various "projects". Could one of them have been his so-called 3rd party financial manager that he mentioned in May '12 (pg.4)?

Al Sebastian - TBay Modular Floors.
   I also found an ad for TBAY MODULAR FLOORS on page 15 in the April 23/21 edition of Wawatay News. Here's a screenshot of the ad in case the link quits working.

Fall '22 - Don't worry, I haven't given up. I've been busy with something much more interesting and have very little spare time to waste dealing with this twerp. The legal system or other creditors will catch up to him at some point.  

Al Sebastian TBay modular floors. Sep 10/22: Live on Location. The local radio station was broadcasting live from TBay Modular Floors on September 10th. They were telling their listeners about all the great deals available at TBay Modular Floors. I wonder what sort of creative "deals" he dreamed up this time?

Oct 17/22: Al's new flooring business seems to be doing well. He's moved into a street level location and recently had a full-page write-up (pg 14) in Thunder Bay Business (Aug '22).
   Did you read the part about him being retired for a while and working at fishing resorts for several years or that he started selling flooring in 1984 (he told me he was in the navy, then got into the food industry and became a Certified Red Seal Chef). I wonder why he forgot to mention his recent stint as the Sales Manager for Kasper Transportation? He certainly has a creative way with words. The bit about working at a competitor's store for a while and taking his own path is close to the truth (he apparently left in a very unprofessional manner).

Oct 31/22: You'll never guess what I saw during 60 Minutes last night. TBAY Modular Floors is sponsoring a series of local public service/info announcements.
   I wonder how someone with Al's credit rating/history manages to secure financing to operate a business and why would suppliers give someone like him any kind of credit? Apparently due diligence doesn't seem to matter anymore.

   It's too bad that such a fine upstanding successful business person refuses do as the court ordered and pay this debt. He currently owes in excess of $14,000 and hasn't made a payment to the court since April 2018.

= 2023 =  

Jan 27/23: I hear someone has an upcoming court date. Here we go again, will Al show up or will he skip another one? And if he does show up will he do a repeat performance where he says he's sorry, promises to repay, then buggers off and ignores the court?
   The repeat performances may have already started. Apparently they had "difficulty" serving him with the latest court paperwork. He was probably doing as he did before and denied being Al when they were trying to deliver the documents.

To be continued...

I hope I don't need to create a 7th page, the navigation menu is getting crowded and this shit has been going on for far too long already.

This story has
grown over
time and
needed some