Updated: Dec 6/10

Rob Chandler Photography

Frequently Asked Questions


1. I don't have an account with PayPal, what can I do?

* You no longer need a PayPal account when using PayPal to handle online purchases. PayPal can securely process payments when using a major credit card. More details are available from their website or you can have a look at some notes I put together.


I'm interested in ordering Digital Images...

1. There are Web Use and Small/Medium/Large files available. How large a print can I make from these files?

* Web Use images are 300px by 450px and should only be used on webpages, social networking sites, etc.
* Suggested maximum print sizes are: 5"x7" (Small, 900px by 1350px), 8"x12" (Medium, 1440px by 2160px) and 11"x16" (Large, 2000px by 3000px). You can make larger prints if you like but you may notice some degradation.

2. How are the digital images delivered?

* Images will be sent via e-mail or made available as a download from a non-public area of our webserver. You will receive an e-mail notification with download instructions when your images are ready.

3. How can I use the digital images?

* All images and files are copyright Rob Chandler Photography and are licensed for non-commercial use only. In other words, you can use them on your website or make as many print copies for your friends as you like. The copyright tag must remain intact, you cannot redistribute or sell the digital images and you cannot claim the images as your own work.

4. Is there a built-in expiration date or maximum number of prints with the digital images?

* No.

5. What happens if I lose the files or they become damaged?

* We strongly suggest making a backup copy of the images and storing them in a safe place. Replacement digital images may be repurchased if our copy is still intact and available (computer's seem to have the ability to lose only the important files).

Prints: production, finishing and delivery...

1. Do you print the photos in-house?

* We recently purchased a professional Epson printer that handles all our printing needs up to 13"x19". Larger prints or special orders are sent to a professional lab. Our in-house computer systems are colour calibrated several times per year to match the labs' professional printers. This ensures that what we see on our monitors matches what you see on your prints.

2. What is DryMounting and Laminating all about?

* Having a print mounted adds to the durability of the print and prevents it from curling over time. Dry simply refers to the process since there aren't any liquid adhesives involved. We use an acid free clay coat board, other material such as foam core is available at an additional cost. Laminating is applied to the front of the print and protects the photograph from fingerprints, moisture, etc. Mounted prints are ready for framing, prints that have also been laminated can be framed without the need for a piece of glass in the frame.

3. What the heck is Plak Mounting?

* Your print is dry-mounted onto a custom piece of high density press wood, then permanently sealed with a clear vinyl matte laminate. The edges of the plak are bevelled and coloured. There is a large variety of edge colours to choose from and a slot in the back allows for easy hanging flush to the wall. Plak mounted prints will incur additional shipping charges due to the extra weight (ex. an 11"x14" Plak mounted print weighs approx .9 Kg).

4. How are prints orders delivered?

* Print orders being delivered to a Canadian or USA address will be sent via regular lettermail. Delivery is usually 7 to 10 days from the date we receive your print order from the lab. We've found that basing shipping costs on a percentage of the pre-tax total purchase price works out fairly close.


1. I accidentally arrived at your FAQ page. How do I get to your main page?

* Sounds like you followed a link from a search engine. Our main page is www.rcp.ca and clicking here will take you to it.

2. I live outside of Canada and I'd like have my print DryMounted, what would you suggest?

* If the print is larger than 8"x12" it's better to let us ship the print unmounted in a mailing tube as there will be less chance of damage occurring during shipment. Then have the print DryMounted at your local framing store.

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