Canadian Railway Operating Rules
(CROR) Signals & Interpretations

Standard Interpretation

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Full-NB (no blacked out signals)

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"Kicker" Calculator

• What are the maximum number of brake checks that should be required to determine which railcar has a brake problem (aka "Kicker")?
• There's a simple and efficient way to determine which railcar is involved.

of railcars:

Max brake 

  * * * This feature is only available in the app * * *  

Signals Tutorial (YouTube)

  Feb 5/19: I came across these videos on YouTube presented by a railroader living in Alberta. They do a great job of explaining Canadian Railroad signals.
  * Part 1: The basic three light system.
  * Part 2: 1 and 2 head systems.
  * Part 3: Diverging and Limited speeds, to and at signals.
  * Part 4: Dwarf (Low-Mast) signals.

Odds 'n Ends

get the app at google play.  The "app" version is completely standalone and doesn't require an internet connection. The app also has additional functionality and the signal rules have been updated to include the latest information (CROR rev. May 9/22 effective Oct 1/22).

 A collection of other things I've been interested in over the years.

Legal stuff:
   This utility is for your convenience and entertainment. I created it during my railway freight conductor course in 2012 to assist me with learning the signal patterns and their definitions. I do not guarantee its accuracy or completeness.

  This web-based version is based upon the Feb 26/08 edition of the Canadian Rail Operating Rules which came into effect on May 28/08.

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