Canadian Railway Operating Rules
(CROR) Signals & Interpretations

Standard Interpretation

Mode: Full Part Basic
Full-NB (no blacked out signals)

Signal Type:

"Kicker" Calculator

What are the maximum number of brake checks that should be required to determine which railcar has a brake problem ("Kicker") using a binary search method?

of railcars:

Max brake 

* This method for locating a kicker car is not approved by anyone. It's something I thought of during my freight conductor course (in 2012) and should save a lot of time when you're trying to locate a specific railcar.
* I discussed this idea with CP Rail during my job interview, their reaction was something like ...OMG!! Why didn't we think of's brilliant... Out of curiosity, does anyone know if they implemented it?

Signals Tutorial (YouTube)

  Feb 5/19: I came across these videos on YouTube presented by a railroader living in Alberta. They do a great job of explaining Canadian Railroad signals.
  * Part 1: The basic three light system.
  * Part 2: 1 and 2 head systems.
  * Part 3: Diverging and Limited speeds, to and at signals.
  * Part 4: Dwarf (Low-Mast) signals.


  At the suggestion of a friend I've rewritten my mobile app to work in a browser and made a few improvements.

  The upsides are easier maintenance and it's available to a wider audience. The downsides are that I'm no longer being paid for the app and you need to be online to use it.

  Would you like to make a donation? $5 CAD is the suggested amount, but you can change the amount to whatever you like.


Legal stuff: This utility is for your convenience and entertainment. I created it during my railway freight conductor course to assist me with learning the signal patterns and their definitions. I do not guarantee its accuracy.

** The Android app version is no longer available (Nov 29/19). Google in their ultimate wisdom claimed the app was malicious, so they removed the app and there is nothing I can do about it. Google must have a strange definition of malicious.