March '11
• We've purchased a set of Vuzix Tac-Eye LT video glasses. The Tac-Eye LT will allow our pilot to easily monitor the video feed while maintaining visual line of sight operations, meanwhile our camera operator and client get the "full" treatment with their own iWear 310 or Wrap 920 video goggles. Talk about having a "bird's eye view".

Spring '11
• We'll be evaluating an image processing and analysis package later this year. Using vertical images, this software should allow us to:
 - provide aerial asset and mapping services (photogrammetry), plus basic orthographic images to the mineral exploration industry.
 - offer orthomosaic images of private and commercial properties.
• We'll also begin experimenting with panoramic images. Panoramic images are created by stitching several smaller images together.
• Capturing the source images for either of these processes will require precision flying and calm weather conditions.
* Update: It turns out this software is better suited to photomosaic work rather than orthographic. "Real" ortho software is very expensive and also takes changes in elevation into account.

Feb '11
• All blog entries from late 2009 to the end of 2010 were lost. We recovered the earliest entries and decided to incorporate the information into this page.

Summer '10
• During the summer and fall of 2010 we will be working exclusively with Sunset Country Resort Services, supplying their clients with aerial photographs of their resorts and facilities.
* 2011 Update * It looks like my "partnership" with Al Sebastian and his Canadian Classic Food Products (aka Sunset Resort Services) has turned sour. This blog has some of the details.
* 2012 Update * Full details of the ordeal are now on their own webpage.

Oct '09
• A mid-air collision occurred during a demo at the SportsDome on the 18th with the radio control club.
At the time we were demonstrating the X6's GPS hold feature when a styrofoam RC airplane suddenly flew into the X6's blades. My first reaction OMG(!!), what followed was impressive.
 - the styrofoam plane was shredded.
 - the X6 was knocked out of position (about 20').
 - then the X6 (still in GPS hold mode) returned to its original pre-impact position all by itself!!
It was an interesting flight control display, but not something I'd want to repeat. The X6 appeared to be undamaged and we continued with the demonstration.

Sep '09
• Our blog is online and will replace this news window shortly.
• Insurance is in place and the system should be arriving soon.

Aug '09
• Delivery will be sooner than expected and is now scheduled for the week of September 14th.

July '09
• Equipment ETA is the end of September. Looks like Christmas will be coming early this year.

Jun '09
• We've registered and have begun putting a website together.
• Placed the order today (June 26) after finalizing the equipment requirements! It'll shoot either 1080p HD video or 10meg images (depending on payload). Typical delivery is 10-12 weeks.
• Yahoo!! Got a call today, insurance is available for a reasonable amount. Now to start assembling the shopping list.
• Time to try tackling the insurance problem from another angle... I'll contact Transport Canada and see if they have any insurance company suggestions. After all, they're the one's who approved this system.
• Well... here we are in June and still waiting to hear about insurance. It seems like the delays are due to the nature of the equipment. The system is so new (and different) they're not sure how to classify it. Hopefully it won't be much longer.

May '09
• The only hold up is arranging for liability insurance. We're still hoping to place an order by June 1.
• Demo and flight test went very well. The entire system is well thought out and very stable in flight.
• Aerial photography platform flight demo & evaluation scheduled for mid-May. We should have a go/no-go decision by June 1.

Apr '09
• Working through the Transport Canada and aviation insurance requirements. You don't need any of this stuff if you're doing this for recreational purposes, SFOC's and insurance are mandatory when it becomes a commercial activity.

Feb '09
• We're looking at making a considerable investment this summer which would allow us to offer specialized aerial photography services (both still and Hi-Def video).

Jun '08
• Started investigating UAV aerial photography options. A couple of potential clients changed their minds after discovering the rental rates for full-size aircraft. Helicopters are very expensive to rent and fixed wing aircraft have 1000' minimum altitude restrictions.

• During the summer of 2007 Rob began wondering about the possibility of using a remote controlled helicopter to handle some of his aerial photography projects, instead of hiring a full-size aircraft. He joined a local radio control aircraft club in the Fall to further investigate this idea and learn to fly r/c helicopters.
• He decided to stop developing his home-built aerial photography system after discovering the legal, technical and Transport Canada requirements involved in using a remote controlled helicopter for commercial photography activities.
• After investigating several commercial UAV systems, he eventually purchased a fully-loaded Draganfly X6 system in June 2009.
• Rob's new aerial photography venture "Air2You" was launched on October 1/09.