3.4 (Android/BlackBerry) [Aug 17/14]

  • Catch and correct impossible signal combination. Green over Yellow over Black was being accepted under rule 27x. Thanks "Tyme" for reporting this!

3.3 (Android/BlackBerry) [May 30/14]

  • Expanded definitions for 27 signal series.
  • Added full signal definitions to Clue option.
  • Expanded and reformatted help screens.
  • *NEW* Added "Kicker Calculator". Something I thought of during my Railway Conductor course to help determine which railcar may have a potential brake problem.
  • Synchronize code and features across all platforms.

3.2 (Apple/Android) [Mar 12/14]

  • Updated link to Transport Canada's online CROR documentation. Now available in English and Français.

3.1 (Apple/Android) [March 8/14]

  • Changed "dwarf" signals to "LoMast".
  • Changed "Decode" button to "Solve".
  • Minor correction to wording for rule #'s 416, 417, 418, 419, 420, 422, 428 & 431.
  • Expanded def'n for 27B to include exception.

3.2 (BlackBerry) [Sep 19/13]

  • Changed "dwarf" signals to "LoMast".
  • Changed "Decode" button to "Solve".
  • Minor correction to wording for rule #'s 416, 417, 418, 419, 420, 422, 428 & 431.

3.0 (BlackBerry) [June 3/13]

  • Applies to BlackBerry BB10 devices only (Z10/Z30/Q10/Q5).
  • Rewritten and converted from Android port to Native BlackBerry app.

2.2 [May 20/13]

  • Small updates screen layout and help files.
  • '?' and 'MPH' icons finally appear as buttons.

2.0 [Jan 1/13]

  • Nicer looking buttons on non-Apple devices and other minor changes.
  • Improved response when tapping on individual signals.
  • Added a ready indicator when playing in Basic or Partial game mode. Using either of these game options will increase the time required to generate a valid signal combination.
  • *New* CROR online. Takes you to Transport Canada's website where the entire CROR document is available online or as a downloadable PDF.
    FYI, a downloaded PDF is easier to read and keeps the information accessible even when you're offline.
  • Expanded the Tips help screen.
  • Added 'Comments and Suggestions' button. You may need to scroll up to see it.

1.6 [Oct 28/12]

  • Improvements for tablet users. Better graphics when app runs full screen.
  • *New* Game MODE option. Game Mode lets you control the range of signals generated.
    FULL allows the full range of signal and letter plate combinations to be displayed.
    PARTial limits the combinations by eliminating blacked out signals and letter plates.
    BASIC same as partial but also eliminates blinking signals.
  • *New* Tips. Some basic signal reading tips and tricks. Learning how to apply and combine these tips greatly simplifies signal interpretation.

1.2 [Oct 20/12]

  • Changed versioning system and updated internal libraries. - Minor updates:

  • June 27/12
  • *New* Clue option. You've got a pretty good idea of what the signal is named but you're not quite sure of the wording. Is it "medium to clear" or "clear to medium"? The clue option can point you in the right direction.
  • Reduced time required to generate a valid signal combination when in Game mode.
  • Increased touch sensitive target areas around icons.
  • Expanded help screen information. - Initial release.

  • June 15/12