Canadian Railway Signals & Interpretations (CROR 2008)

Signals was born out of a need to better understand Canadian railway light signals during my RAC (Railway Association of Canada) Railway Conductor course.
Single, double and triple aspects are covered, plus blinking/non-blinking aspects, staggered/non-staggered masts and letter plates.
This app is an improvement on the flash cards that are typically used in a classroom environment because it includes all signal and aspect combinations. Canadian Rail Operating Rules apply to Canadian Pacific Railway, Canadian National Railway and most Class I federally regulated railways operating in Canada.

Airport Weather

Get current weather (METAR/TAF) summaries for almost any airport in the world using its ICAO designation. Airport weather forecasts aren't just for pilots. Anyone heading outdoors (such as hikers, photographers, etc) needing current and accurate local weather information can benefit from these forecasts.

Phonetic Alphabet

The phonetic alphabet adopted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is used to avoid confusion when transmitting difficult or unusual words. This internationally recognized alphabet should be learned so that it is readily available whenever isolated letters or groups of letters are pronounced separately, or when communication is difficult.

UAV Aerial Photo Coverage Calculator

Photo Coverage Calculator was designed for UAV and RC based aerial photographers who must know the altitude they need to fly at long before the job begins, especially if they're required to file operational information with the local aviation authorities before work can commence. This utility gives you the information you need, when you need it. Having this information at your fingertips while you're in negotiations will impress your clients. You'll be able to answer their "what if" questions on the spot.