About Rob

Welcome to my latest venture. Some of you may be familiar with my work as a professional photographer or my involvement with drones, but my professional career actually began in software design, development and implementation about 30 years ago (yes, we had computers way back then and that's not me in the photo). I developed a few web based applications and some friends asked if they were available as mobile applications. I ignored those early requests because the mobile app development environment didn't seem to be a "friendly" place and I already had too many other projects on the go.

By "friendly" I mean that each mobile device had it's own way of doing things that were unique to each company's offerings. Luckily that market is beginning to mature and cross platform development is becoming a reality.

My intention is to support these applications on the following platforms: Android (phones & tablets), Apple's iPad & iPhone and BlackBerry's PlayBook & BB10 devices. I had intended to also support the Windows Phone platform, but at the time (summer 2012) Microsoft would only allow existing developers to write apps for their phones. I guess Microsoft thought they were special, only time will tell.