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The links on this page are no longer being actively maintained since my retirement from the photography business. This website and many of the images will probably remain online for the foreseeable future.




Camera Collecting

Additional Resources

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Workshops & Tours

Outdoor Gear


Canon Canada

Canon USA

Olympus USA

Nikon Canada

Leica USA

Pentax Canada

Sea & Sea USA - Underwater photo gear.

Sea Life USA - Reefmaster dive cameras.


Film for Classics USA - provides film for users of antique and classic cameras.

Digital to Film USA - 35mm slides from digital sources.

Film Characteristics.

Flashes, Strobes & Lighting

FlashZebra USA - FlashZebra offers custom adapters and flash cords that most photographic merchants pass over due to lack of volume, including speciality items for those wanting to customize their own flash gear.



Quantum USA

Sto-Fen USA - Bounce products will fit most portable strobes.

FlexFill USA - Maker of collapsible reflectors.

AlienBees USA - Professional Photographic Flash Units.

Stroboframe USA - Flash Brackets & Accessories.

Photogenic USA - Professional Lighting & Accessories.

Tripods & more

Manfrotto Italy

Gitzo France

Velbon USA

Jobu Design Canada - Supports and accessories for nature & sports photography. These folks make great gimbal tripod heads!

BushHawk USA - Camera support systems.

Cinevate Canada - "The optimal tools to achieve your creative goals".

Camera Stores

Primary Foto
Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay

The Camera Store Canada



Downtown Camera

Don's Photo


Harry's Pro Shop Canada

Canadian Photographic


XE Up-to-date currency conversions.

Professional Photographers Association

PPO - NorthWest Branch This is the official website for the Professional Photographers of Ontario - Northwest Branch.

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Light Meters, etc.


Sekonic USA - Looking for user manuals?

Expo/Disk USA - "... easily turn your camera into an incident meter ..."


B & W

Lee Filters

Singh-Ray USA

Tiffen USA

Backpacks, Gadget Bags, etc.

Gura Gear - Their Kiboko bag/pack is amazing! It's lightweight, held my 500mm f/4 lens with all my camera stuff and still managed to fit into the overhead bin during a recent flight to the East Coast. Talk about a great carry-on bag! Plus you can wear it as a backpack, the entire harness fits into the bag.

Kata Bags - Looking for a great Rain Cover? Check out their E-702 (Kata also make backpacks and more).

Lowepro USA - Wide range of camera carrying gear.

Pelican USA - Note: Inside case dimensions (as published by Pelican) DO NOT include the 1" thick foam padding!

Tamarac USA - Camera bags, cases, backpacks and more.

Vested Interest USA - Photo vests

Domke Bags USA

Other Stuff

Air2You - Our new commercial aerial photography service. We're using a Transport Canada approved electrically powered UAV, which means it can fly almost anywhere.

Kenyon Stabilizers USA - stabilizers for cameras, etc.

IkeLite USA - Underwater Systems.

AquaTech Australia - Underwater Sport Camera Housings.

Photographer's Edge USA - Complete line of do-it-yourself greeting cards.

Arthur Morris USA - Photo accessories.

LensPen USA - Lens cleaning system.

TrenGove USA - Artificial ice, fake food and other props for photographers.

Canadian Battery Online battery store, batteries for cameras and other electronic equipment.

Thunder Bay Amateur Photography Club

The Circles of Confusion Photography Club was a fun, non-competitive photography club organized by and for amateur photography enthusiasts who were at varying levels of expertise. The club ceased activities a few years ago, but their website is still online.

Magazines & other Publications

British Journal of Photography UK - "...web edition of the British Journal of Photography - the world's longest established weekly photo magazine, published since 1854."

Outdoor Photographer USA

Camera Arts Magazine USA - "...dedicated to the art and craft of small and medium format photography..."

Photo Life Canada - Keep an eye open for their annual photo contest (usually announced in the May issue).

Canadian Geographic - Keep an eye open for their annual photo contest (usually announced in the July/August issue).

Photo Techniques USA - "...provides the best of silver-based and digital photography..."

EOS Magazine UK - "...web supplement to the world's best-selling magazine for Canon EOS camera owners...". Have you seen their new online forums?

Popular Photography & Imaging USA.

Exposure - Photographic concepts, tricks, hints and tips. Home of Sim-Cam.

Shutterbug USA - The latest on photography, cameras, film, lenses, equipment, darkroom, lighting, flash, color processing and more.

Lake Superior Magazine USA - "The magazine about the world's largest fresh-water lake.".

Cambridge in Colour UK - An amazing photographic resource.

Luminous Landscape Canada - "...devoted to landscape, nature and documentary photography..."

Technical Articles on Photography by Harold M. Merklinger.

National Geographic USA - Their photography site contains award-winning photos, photo tips, photographer bios, etc.

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Camera Collecting & Exhibits

A History of Photography - This site details the beginnings of photography from 1825 to 1920 by Dr. Robert Leggat.

Kodak Collector's page - A surprising amount of Kodak info, like the history of Kodak Roll Film Numbers.

California Museum of Photography USA - University of California museum, hosts contemporary and historical photography collections.

KY Photo Classics - "...hard to locate information on older cameras..."

Canada's National Air Photo Library - The (NAPL) has over six million aerial photographs covering all of Canada, some dating back 70 years.

Leica Historical Society of America - An independent and non-profit organization founded by individuals interested in discussing, researching and documenting information about the LEICA Camera.

Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography - The CMCP showcases the work of Canada's most dynamic photographers.

Nikon Historical Society - The NHS's web site is an extension of their Nikon publication ("Nikon Journal").

Canon Camera Museum - Contains an overview of older Canon camera's, full specs on all their current photographic equipment plus technical reports.
The Virtual Lens Plant, it includes videos of lens elements being ground & polished and an EF 500mm f/4L IS lens being assembled.

Pentax Collector Homepage - "...dedicated to the collecting of camera equipment made by AOC and Pentax Corp...".

Carl Zeiss - "...innovations from Carl Zeiss contributed to advances in many fields...". There is also, "The Zeiss Historica Society".

Photoethnography Collecting and using classic cameras..

Daguerreian Society and the Daguerreotype - Dedicated to the history, science, and art of the daguerreotype.

Photographic Historical Society of Canada - Formed in October 23, 1974 to advance the knowledge of and interest in the history of photography, particularly of photography in Canada.

Dating Old Photographs - With the growing popularity of family history research, dating old photographs has become an important part of putting together a family tree.

Sherman Hines Museum of Photography Liverpool, Nova Scotia "...has gained international respect for his unique ability to capture the world on film..."

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Canadian Nature Federation - "..a non-profit conservation organization with over 40,000 supporters..."

Parks Canada - "On behalf of the people of Canada, we protect and present nationally significant examples of Canada's natural and cultural heritage..."

Centre for Topographic Information - Canada's national topographic mapping agency is responsible for the acquisition, management and dissemination of topographic information. World of Maps is a good source for maps.

Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia - "...helps foster and encourage the art and science of photography among our members and the public..."

Federation of Ontario Naturalists - Publisher of Ontario Nature (formerly Seasons) - "Ontario's Nature & Environment Magazine".

Professional Photographers of Canada - "The finest Canadian Portrait, Commercial, Digital and Editorial image makers."

National Audubon Society - "Audubon is dedicated to protecting birds and other wildlife and the habitat that supports them."

Professional Photographers of Ontario - "Canada's largest provincial association of full-time professional photographers."

National Wildlife Federation USA - " the nation's largest member-supported conservation group...". Find out more about their annual photo contest.

Royal Photographic Society UK - The Royal Photographic Society was formed in 1853, their mission is "to promote the Art and Science of Photography".

Nature Conservancy Canada " a non-profit organization working for the direct protection of Canada's biodiversity...".

North American Nature Photography Association - " the first and only association in North America committed solely to serving the field of nature & environmental photography..."

The Toronto Camera Club - Canada's longest running Camera Club has been promoting photography since 1888.

Ontario Maps - You can order topographic "base" maps directly from the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Trans Canada Trail - "...will be the longest trail of its kind in the world, spanning over 17,000 kilometres..."

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Additional Internet Resources

13 lessons to teach your child about photography - from the Digital Photography School.

Kodak: * Airport X-ray Scanning Effects on Film *

About Photography - "...What you need to know about photography..."

Learn Photography: A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide - "...Udemy's Getting Started Series..."

Lighting Magic - "...educational web site of professional photography..."

Artists in Canada - "...a national directory of Canadian artists, art galleries, associations and art resources..."

Lighting Tips for Photography - "...The art of photography is centered mainly around light..."

Bob Atkins Photography - A good source of (primarily Canon) technical information.

Lunar Eclipse Photography USA - by Fred Espenak (also known as Includes a lunar eclipse exposure guide.

Cambridge in Colour UK - A collection from in and around Cambridge University in England. Their tutorial sections are amazing.

Max Lyons Digital Image Gallery USA - "...images on this site have been created by joining two or more individual digital camera pictures into a single composite image.. my first gigapixel image.."

Canadian Photographers Online - "Directory linking the websites of Canadian Professional and Amateur Photographers."

Natural Moments Photography Canada - the photography of Darwin Wiggett.

Chuck Gardner's Concepts for Lighting and Digital Photography delves into the mysterious world of Canon EX Flash systems and using them in a wireless environment.

Nature Photographers Online USA - a monthly Internet publication dedicated to the art and technique of nature photography.

Cleaning Digital Cameras USA - "...the most comprehensive site on cleaning digital camera sensors."

New York Institute of Photography USA

Cokin Filter System USA - "The finer points of Colour Correction."

Guide to Nature Photography.

Dan Heller's Tutorial Series USA - photo techniques and suggestions. This site has a lot of good information.

Photographer's Forum USA - Serbin Communcations has photo contests twice per year.

DLC Photography USA - Wildlife, Nature and Landscape Photography.

Photography on the Net - featuring the Canon Digital Photography Forums and general photography & technique discussion areas.

Photography Pointers and Resources for Kids - "Photography is one of the most fun forms of art that just about anyone can try out, including kids!..."

PhotographyTips Canada - "The internet's #1 guide to better photography."

Drazen Stojcic Photography - An amazing photo website in Osijek (Croatia).

PhotoLinks - The Photography Network USA - "A free service dedicated to providing easy access to many photographic resources".

EOS LightBox Singapore - "A Canon EOS enthusiast's website..."

PhotoNotes Canada - "... primarily oriented towards the Canon EOS System...". Everything you need to know about EOS flash photography is here.

EOS SLR Home Canon USA - Everything EOS related from Canon. Links to EF Lens and EOS System Charts.

Pinhole Photography - Discover the forgotten world of pinhole photography. DealNews and YouDesignit have a lot of good info.

Evolution of Photography The advent of modern photography made it possible for artists to capture detail more than other artistic mediums, such as painting and sculpting.

Photo Zone Germany - Very good user forums, reviews, technical info, etc.

Frary Photography USA - A good collection of Canon related reviews & articles.

Rob Galbraith USA - Photography industry news and reviews.

George McCarthy - Professional Wildlife and Nature Photographer  " of the UK's leading nature photographers..."

Speedliting USA - "...the place to learn how to shoot with Speedlites like a pro..."

Gerard Maas Images Belgium - a wide range of images and photographic techniques.

Sports Shooter USA - The online resource for sports photography.

Images of England - a library of photographs of England's 370,000 Listed (Heritage) Buildings.

Studio Lighting USA - Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Tutorials and Equipment Information.

John Lind has an interesting wedding photography site. "Weddings: Survival Guide for the non-professional".

Theo Allofs Canada - Nature and wildlife images.

Kelly Caldwell Photography Canada - "...specializes in b&w portraits of dogs..."

Wildlife & Nature Photography Netherlands - dedicated to Wildlife and Nature Photography.

Kite Aerial Photography USA - "Want to take pictures from the air, but can't afford the helicoptor ride?"

World Photo Locations "... Knowing where to go, and when to be there, is the key to successful photography..."

Web authoring tools:

Google Zeitgeist search patterns, trends, and surprises according to Google.
JavaFile , JavaScript Kit & PageResource great sources of Java applets, scripts and tutorials.
Jibbering - having JavaScript problems? This site has a lot of JavaScript tips and techniques.
QuirksMode - a great source of information for studying and defeating browser incompatibilities.
SiteMap Generator Free - create Google compatible sitemap files.
SitePoint - has a huge variety of web design tutorials and articles.
W3 Schools - Online Web Tutorials, "...largest web developer's site on the net..."
W3C World Wide Web Consortium - the source for web page standards & emerging technologies.
W3C MarkUp Validation Service a free service that checks webpages for conformance to W3C & CSS standards.
Web Design Group offers material on a wide range of HTML related topics.
Webmaster World - News and discussion for the Web Professional.

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Photography Workshops and Tours

Quest Nature Tours - " the forefront of the nature tour market in Canada for over 30 years."

Freeman Patterson NB, Canada - "...workshops for the novice to the experienced amateur or professional."

Flora & Fauna Field Tours - Specialists in Ecotours.

Photo Safaris - Worldwide photographic tours.

John Shaw Photography USA

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Outdoor Gear

Seals Action Gear: Canada's first choice for tactical gear, etc.

Wild Waters: Canoes & Kayaks

Souris River Canoes

Canadian Classic
Food Products

Gear Up for Outdoors


Wilderness Supply

KBM Forestry

Mountain Equipment

Problems at Canadian
Classic Food Products

(aka Canadian Classic
and Sunset
Country Resort Services

Backpacker Magazine

Take A Hike!

BodyGuard: Bear deterrent products.

Cabela's (S.I.R.)

Thunder Bay Fishing angling in and
around Thunder Bay.

Shebandowan Smallmouth Showdown

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